2nd Summer Symposium of MStR Law: Law praxis and Internet, Challenges and Innovation

The 2nd Summer Symposium of MStR Law Firm took place on 22-6-2017 at the firm’s offices, under the title “Legal practice and Internet, Challenges and Innovation”. During the Symposium, various issues were discussed concerning, inter alia, the firm and its development as well as the advantages arising from the use of internet and of innovative applications in the daily legal practice. Mr. Andreas Kehrbach, Head of the Labour, Health and Social Department of the German Embassy in Athens, and Ms. Maria Mantzaflari, Lawyer, Responsible for the Legal Affairs of the German Embassy in Athens, participated in the Symposium as well, and presented interesting topics of their competence. The works of the Symposium continued with a fruitful dialogue about issues concerning the Greek society and economy that require immediate changes and innovative solutions. The Chairman of the association “Hellenic Institute for Legal Studies in Innovative Entrepreneurship & Start-ups”, Mr. Nassos Michelis, made also a brief presentation of the association, its scope and activity.